Are you excited to learn about the 10 Dell laptop data recovery tricks? Well, here we have an easy to follow guide to save you from brainstorming ways to recover your precious data. 

Losing data is stressful. Your memorable photos, important documents and other files should have a backup. Securing your data using anti-malware plugins is not the only factor in data loss. Some other common factors and scenarios that result in data loss include:

  • OS/software corruption
  • Accidental file deletion
  • Malware and Virus Attack 
  • Hardware Failure 

To create Dell laptop data backup you need to install Dell Backup and Recovery applications. In fact, it is designed to provide reliable protection of users’ data within a few clicks. The application comes into two packages namely Basic and Premium; each has its own features. To avail the features you have to install the application which will secure your data efficiently. Hence, let’s begin the guide about Dell laptop data recovery.

A Step-by-Step Guide About Dell Laptop Data Recovery

Dell Backup and Data Recovery allow users to merge and manage backups together. You do not need to duplicate your files that can soak up your disk space. Besides, it provides the options to restore your lost files based on their type that including email, video, document, pictures. Therefore, to install the Dell Backup and Recovery application for backups follow the 10 steps mentioned below:

Table of Contents

Step #1- Check the Minimum System Requirements

To install the app you need to make sure that your laptop meets the minimum requirements. The operating systems compatible are Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1. Moreover, the processor is of 1GHz or faster. In addition, the System Memory (RAM) should be 1GB (32-bit) or 2GB (64-bit). Lastly, your laptop must have at least 16GB of free hard disk space. These basic specifications help to install a Dell laptop data recovery application without any interruption. You can easily secure and recover your data. 

Step #2- Close All Open Files

Once you have checked all the minimum system requirements, you can proceed with the process. Click save and close all the open files before you install the application. As the system will be making changes during the installation process, it’s advisable to save your documents first before you close the files. You may even have to restart your laptop. 

Step #3- Remove Previously Installed Dell Laptop Data Recovery Applications

Next is to remove all the previously installed Dell laptop data recovery applications. If your laptop has applications including Dell Backup and Recovery Manager, Dell Data Safe Online or Dell DataSafe Local, you need to uninstall them. The presence of these applications will hinder the installation of your new program. In addition, Dell Backup and Recovery has its own Manager and troubleshoot to facilitate the users.

Step #4- Access to Dell Backup and Recovery during System Boot

Go to your search engine and type the query “Download Dell Data Backup and Recovery” You will be redirected to Dell’s official site from where you can download the application. Upon downloading the app, access the system recovery boot. 

Step #5- Follow the Instructions on the Screen

When you run the Setup program, the system will ask you to make a few changes on your laptop. You have to click proceed. After that, you follow the instructions that popped open in front of you. Each step brings you closer to getting your application installed.

Step #6- Restart Your Laptop

It’s good to restart your laptop or desktop whenever you make changes. By restarting your device, the operating system refreshes. Moreover, the system reboots and helps in resolving many underlying and hidden bugs and errors.

Step #7- Allow the Update To Complete

After restarting, you have to click open your Dell Backup and Recovery application. Check for the available update and click it to complete. By doing so, your application functions on the latest update of its software. Moreover, it becomes compatible with the newest versions of existing apps and operates with enhanced functionality features. So, wait till the update is complete and make sure to keep the application up-to-date. 

system update- del laptop data recovery

Step #8- Open Dell Dell Backup and Recovery & Click Start

Click open the Dell Dell Backup and Recovery application and proceed to start. Your application is ready to use. You can dig in to discover many exciting features and options it provides. Options like setting, user panel, control panel, system recovery and backup data are available on the application.

Step #9- Search Data Backup

In the application, you can easily locate a search field. Enter the search query “Data Backup” and click it open. Here you will also find a system backup option. System backup is a collection of snapshots of the User Partition.
Moreover, these snapshots include registry, drivers, operating systems, data files, and software applications. On the contrary, the Data Backup archive another group of data that includes files/folders, media files and content files. Hence, you need to click on the Data backup option for Dell laptop data recovery. 

del laptop data recovery

Step #10- Create Backup Locally or Enternally

When you proceed to create the data backup, you need to keep in mind three important aspects. You must identify what type of file you need to backup. Next is to decide where to backup, as there are two options, locally or externally. You can choose both two options as well. The third aspect is to decide the intervals of creating Dell laptop data recovery backup. You can schedule the desired time.

Dell Laptop Data Recovery- Locally

You get a number of options when you go with backing up your data locally. Some of them include:
Browse– It allows users to find and set the location to store backups
Continuous – It offers real-time data protection features
Scheduled– It enables users to schedule a time and date to backup frequently
Manual– It enables users to backup manually
Other Options– The button “More Options” is located at the top right side of the application. It takes the users to options like Backup Manager and User Panel

del laptop data recovery

Dell Laptop Data Recovery- Externally

If you want you can connect your laptop with a USB as your external device and copy all of your desired files in it. Simply, go to the external drive and create different folders of your files. You can store as much as your storage allows. Apart from this, many users go for cloud backup facilities as well. Cloud backup is the most reliable option. It does not consume your laptop’s storage and is easy to manage.  Choose your option for Dell laptop data recovery depending upon your needs and create backups in whichever way you want.

Professional Data Recovery Software and Services

It’s good to learn the technical issue of using your device. However, you can also get in touch with a professional or rely on the most recommended data recovery software. It saves time, effort and fatigue while ensuring proficiency at every level.
Jet Data, one of the leading brands, helps you recover your data fast without any loss or damage. You get the services of competent professionals with hands-on expertise to use cutting-edge tools and techniques.
On the whole, if you find trouble following the procedure, you can always call us to help.