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Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Causes of Data Loss
Section 3: Requirements
Section 4: Process
Section 5: About Dell Laptop


Dell is known throughout the world for its computers. Sometimes, data of Dell computer or laptop is lost, in which situation you may look for a solution to restore the lost files on Dell PC. Usually, you would need to use a Dell laptop data recovery program that is compatible with Dell computers in order to get back the lost files.

Before you get a program you need, make sure no fresh data is written to the disk drive where data got lost in order to prevent further data loss. This article will share with you some useful data recovery steps and programs and they will be able to work on a Dell laptop or computer to recover any type of documents or files when you lose data due to different causes.

Causes of Data Loss

Simple, Safe, and Reliable Data Protection
Many backups and recovery applications have been designed to reliably protect your crucial digital memories and documents in just a few clicks. You can also use some Dell laptop data recovery software.
If you recover and backup your data with a Dell laptop, it can protect against data loss resulting from:
⦁ Hardware failure
⦁ Software corruption
⦁ Virus attack
⦁ Accidental file deletion
If data is recovered to a secondary drive,
The Dell laptop data recovery and backup applications come in two forms, Basic and Premium.


Dell Laptop Data Recovery

Three simple steps to protect your data:
⦁ Choose what you want to backup
Back up just a few files or your entire system
⦁ Choose when you want to backup
Use Continuous Data Protection Feature to protect your files (Continuous Data Protection is not part of the basic version).
⦁ Choose where you want to back up
Backup to your USB drive, or your primary hard drive


System Requirements and Installation
To install Dell laptop data recovery and backup:
⦁ Make sure that your device meets the minimum system requirements.
⦁ You should save all the open files and close any open application.
⦁ If you have installed some Dell backup applications, remove them.
Download Dell Laptop Data Backup and Recovery, and then run the setup program.
⦁ If you are ready to allow the program to make changes to your laptop, then simply click Yes.
⦁ You should follow the instructions on the screen.
⦁ It will be good if you reboot your system.
⦁ After the system reboots, you have to allow the update to finalize before using the application.
⦁ To open Dell laptop data recovery and backup, click Start, start typing Backup in the search box and then click the Dell laptop data recovery and backup icon (there will be a white clock in a blue square).
Minimum System Requirements
Operating System: Window 8, Window 8.1, Window 7
System Memory (RAM): 1GB (32-bit) or 2GB (64-bit)
Hard Disk Space: At least 16GB free or greater
Processor: 1GHz or faster

Access to Dell Laptop Data Recovery and Backup During System Boot
If the Operating System is not able to be accessed due to boot failure, you can still establish Dell Recovery and Backup
For Window 7:
⦁ Press F8 during boot (startup screen)
⦁ Select “Repair Your Computer”
⦁ From the Recovery Options Menu, select “Dell Backup and Recovery”
For Windows 8/8.1:
Press the F12 button during boot (startup screen) and choose “Dell Backup and Recovery” from the given menu
System Backups


Dell Laptop Data Recovery

You can backup your personal data with Dell laptop data recovery and backup. It is a good initiative if you want to protect your valuable personal data or information.
Nevertheless, if your system crashes or is corrupted by a virus or a hardware failure, then having a system backup can restore your entire system including settings, applications, personal data back to a previous spot in time. If you have upgraded to Dell laptop data recovery and backup Premium, then you can elevate system backups for the most complete data protection.

Continuous Data Protection

If you have upgraded to Dell laptop data recovery and backup Premium, you can enjoy additional flexibility to schedule your data backups and even defend your most significant data continuously.
The Continuous Data Protection feature allows you to shield your working document in real-time and to roll back to any version you have saved previously, whether it was minutes, days, or even weeks ago.
If you are having any problems, then I recommend you to watch this YouTube video.

More Features

If you want system backups and continuous data protection, Dell Backup and Recovery Premium allows you to enjoy the following features:

⦁ Supervise and merge backups together without duplicating your files or documents to save space
⦁ Restore and backup files based on their type: video, picture, document, email

Dell Laptop Data Recovery and Backup Premium

Some additional features of Dell laptop data recovery and backup allow you to backup your entire system, including settings, applications, documents, and endlessly protect your personal files.

Dell Laptop Data Recovery Premium provides the following:

⦁ Generate a full system backup (including settings and applications).
⦁ Make sure to back up files continuously in order to minimize data loss.
⦁ Combine multiple backups and archive old ones.
⦁ Restore and backup files based on the type.

NOTE: The Premium version is only for local backup (to a USB drive or a hard drive).

How to fix Dell PC Crash

What to do if Dell PC is crashed? It is somehow a bothersome thing that your PC has crashed. Many people are not familiar with this problem. So, they feel quite worried when having such kinds of problems. Usually, a computer gets crashed due to different reasons, such as:
⦁ There could be a hardware failure or a software conflict
⦁ If Dell’s Pc runs too long, it often suffers overheating
⦁ The system file is corrupted
⦁ Bad sectors on the system partition
⦁ The Dell laptop is infected with a virus because you keep on visiting some unsafe sites and installing malware on the device
⦁ Some other reasons
By taking proper measures, you can fix the problem if you know about the reasons why Dell’s laptop gets corrupted. If Dell’s PC crashes due to hardware failure, you can replace it with new hardware. If your laptop has crashed due to some other reason. If you want Dell laptop data recovery, you can rely on third-party software to fix the problem. If your data has been lost due to a Dell laptop crash, you can recover the lost files by using the iCare Data Recovery program

There is another software named “Stellar Data Recovery Software” for Windows. It is one of the most powerful, fast, and reliable software. It is also compatible with all window versions, including data recovery from Windows 10. It also provides you with a powerful DIY experience to recover your data quickly and efficiently.
You can recover all your valuable data even from corrupt hard drives and formatted partitions. It can also recover data from 4K hard drives. It assists recovery from all types of 4K hard drives formatted with FAT32, ExFAT, or NTFS file system. This tool displays an enhanced preview of the recoverable files, including office documents, PDF, images, video, audio, ZIP, RAR files, etc.

External Hard Drive Recovery on Dell Computer

An external hard drive is used for transferring and data storage. It is widely used by many computer users. Many data recovery programs can be compatible with all external hard drives for data recovery in various situations. You can rely on some data recovery programs to recover deleted files of the external hard drive on Dell’s laptop after mistakenly deleting them. For more, visit jet

About Dell Laptop

Dell Inc. manufactures Dell laptops and computers. It was founded in 1948 by Michael Dell. Moreover, this company is one of the largest corporations in the world. Dell Inc is an American company that develops, sells, repairs personal computers, laptops, and related devices. Dell laptop data recovery and backup programs are also available on these devices.