We might ask when can we recycle computers? Having so many devices can become extremely overwhelming, There are so many instances that we wind up having too many computers that don’t work. Or there may even be instances when we have working computers that we just don’t need any longer.
We are unsure if we should throw them away or if we can throw
them away. Or we’re even waiting on that guy that works on computers, maybe he can use it for
parts. This is another way to recycle computers. Whatever the case may be, it’s time for those computers to go!

Before we recycle computers, check out this article on how you can possibly revive your laptop: https://jetdata.pro/my-laptops-dead-how-can-i-bring-it-back-to-life/


Let’s talk about how we can finally stop procrastinating and get rid of them! Consider recycling or donating your old or broken computers. There are several companies in
various areas that will take the computer as a donation or recycle them for you. If you would like
to know about the various donation and recycling options in your area visit The Environmental
Protection Agency’s Recycle and Donation page here:

In doing general searches, it commonly shows that your city has a free IT recycling program
through the Environmental Protection Agency, and it is free. You can either visit the above
mentioned website or contact your cities recycling department for more information.
There may also be businesses in your area that will pay you for certain pieces of your computer
when you recycle it in your area. Whatever option you decide, recycling is always a good
recommendation to help our environment.

recycle laptops

If you would like

to know about the various donation and recycling options in your area visit The Environmental

Protection Agency’s Recycle and Donation page here:


Backing up before you recycle computers

If the old computer you don’t want or need happens to work, I would recommend checking into a
computer based charity in your area. Be sure that you check on any files or data you may have
left behind on that device and back it up to transfer it to your current device.

Before you get rid of your computer in any way, you always want to be sure that you wipe the computer clean so
that the next person or organization does not have any access to any portion of your data, You
never know what you may have left behind on the computer that could pose serious problems in
the future. Remember, you have different options to backup your data before you recycle computers:

  • Cloud backup and storage
  • USB/Flash Drive
  • CD/DVD
  • Disk Image

Any one of these will help the data retrieval process GREATLY when you need it. It also doesn’t
hurt to even have multiple backups on different forms of media before you recycle computers. Sometimes, you can never be too certain and sure that you will be able to retrieve that data with zero issues.

With this in mind, depending where you go and what the conditions are, you can potentially
trade-in your computer. You could get a few bucks out of the value of the device, or you could
potentially wind yourself up in getting a newer device altogether.
It is typically frowned upon to just throw the computer away due to the toxins and chemicals that
can potentially be in the motherboard or computer itself in the environment. Also, not everyone
always remembers to back up their information, and it puts your personal information at risk.

This can be pulled from the hard drive itself or even the browsing history in your preferred
browser application.

If for whatever reason you are unable to retrieve the information and data
that is on the computer-go inside, grab you a bat, and have at it. You want to destroy that device
and hard drive to the best of your ability so that it cannot be reused or revived. The safer option
would be to wrap the computer or hard drive in a blanket or two, beat it through the blanket, or
smash it all over the place. Whichever you prefer, just be smart and don’t hurt yourself, please.
Plus, how does that sound for a good stress reliever, huh?

As stated in the beginning, go to “that guy” that repairs, works on, or even builds computers,
and check to see if parts or the whole computer would be beneficial to him.
If they repair or build computers, there could be working components in the computer that can
be used for other builds or to repair a computer. You will also have assistance to recycle computers.
There are several different options available on how you can get rid of your computers. Please,
be kind and recycle computers.

Do the best for our environment, and protect yourself. Whatever your decision is, get rid of all of your personal information, If you are not comfortable with deleting your device
on your own, there may be a company in your area that will delete the drive and recycle computers
for you, but that usually will not be free if you don’t mind paying a fee.

Also, remember
that the Environmental Protection Agency has several pieces of information to help guide you in
properly disposing of your device or recycle computers.