SSD Versus HDD: What’s The Difference?

The Differences Between HDDs and SDDs When you look at the history of computer technology, HDDs are dinosaurs and SDDs are the new kid on the block. Not only are HDDs old school, but they were also originally very bulky. There are historical photos of IBM computers from the 1950s that used 50 two-foot-wide circular […]

Mac Data Recovery and the 2 Common Causes of Data Loss in Macs

If you own an apple mac computer/ laptop, you may experience data loss situations despite having a low chance. This post discusses the various ways you can perform Mac data recovery. Losing personal data is a frustrating and unfortunate event. Since a computer has parts that would malfunction somehow, knowing the possible recovery methods is […]

3 Ways To Stop Clicking Hard Drive Of Your Computer And Save Your Data

Losing data from your computer or laptop hard drive is unfortunate and frustrating. On average, most hard drives last about three to five years. A clicking hard drive usually indicates that it has reached its lifespan. However, there are also cases where hard drive clicking occurs even when the hard drive is not that old. […]

Dell Laptop Data Recovery Best Process-1

Table of Content Introduction Reasons of Data Loss for Dell Laptops-How to Avoid them? What Happens to Deleted Data from Dell Laptop Hard Drive? Dell Laptop Data Recovery Process for Hard Disk   Data Protection for Dell Laptop Data Recovery Process Dell Laptop Data Recovery Best Practices for Accidental Loss Conclusion    Introduction Dell laptop data […]

10 Easy Dell Laptop Data Recovery Steps To Follow

Are you excited to learn about the 10 Dell laptop data recovery tricks? Well, here we have an easy to follow guide to save you from brainstorming ways to recover your precious data.  Losing data is stressful. Your memorable photos, important documents and other files should have a backup. Securing your data using anti-malware plugins […]

1 thing is for certain-Removing your hard drive is a risky move.

There is a common misconception that removing a hard drive and smashing it, or deleting all the files, will erase all the data on the drive. In reality, this is not the case – most of the time, the data can still be recovered with the right tools. This means that if you are selling […]