Mac data recovery is an issue many users encounter even though Apple’s manufacturing is highly regarded around the world. If you are a MacBook user, you must have searched for easy ways to recover your data either from the Trash bin or hard drive. In this blog, you can discover some renowned data recovery software that can help you recover all sorts of data effortlessly. So, let’s begin the read:

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Mac Data Recovery From Hard Drive - Simple Steps To Follow

MacBook Pro is a sturdy device with a high-end processing speed and top-notch features. However, it may not always promise a seamless experience to its users. Sometimes, users complain of experiencing a dead hard drive on Macbook Pro. Furthermore, there are ways through which you can recover data both from the MacBook Pro hard drive and the dead hard drive. Here’s how you can do that:

Download a Bootable Mac Data Recovery Software

Jet Data Pro

Jet Data Pro offers a myriad of tools and features to help you recover your data from MacBook Pro. It’s a credible software that guarantees to rescue lost data in no time.

Disk Drill

Drill Disk is one complete solution to recover data from your MacBook Hard Drive. Its customer-centric packages are flexible and highly affordable.


TestDisk is yet another Mac data recovery software designed to meet the unique needs of the users. It’s easy to use and offers guaranteed support.

Hack #1- Mac Data Recovery Using Time Machine

Time Machine is a feature in Mac that can help you go back in time and recover your lost data only if you had turned on the option before you lose your data. To do that follow the steps below:

  • Reboot your MacBook into recovery holding the Command + R until the Apple logo appears. Now follow the M1 instructions. 
  • Select and Continue the Restore From Time Machine Backup option
  • Click continue to Time Machine backup after reading the information
  • Select the disk where you had your data and click continue 
  • Pick your desired Time Machine backup and click continue to proceed
Mac data recovery

Hack #2- Retrieving Data Using Target Disk Mode

Apple has the solution to recover data even if your MacBook does not want to boot. With the help of Target Disk Mode, you can easily turn your Mac into an external storage device. Additionally, it allows access to your MacBook using recovery software running on any other Mac device. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Connect your Mac using Thunderbolt cable to another MacBook
  • Restart your Mac by holding the T key. Activate the Target Disk Mode: go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Startup Disk > Target Disk Mode
  • Download your desired data recovery software and recover your data on the Mac
Mac data recovery

Hack #3- Use Bootable Software to Recover Data

Are you using a MacBook Pro that does not boot up and does not even have a backup to recover your data? If so, use the data recovery software to get your lost data without there being a need to boot up your macOS. Here are the steps:

  • Click on the Apple logo 
  • Choose the Restart option
  • When the Apple Logo appears, hold down the  Command (⌘) and R
  • Now click the ‘Utilities’ menu to launch the Terminal app
  • Enter the URL to your data recovery software and wait till it downloads 
  • From Mac’s dark drive menu, select the storage device to recover data 
  • Select the files you desire to recover 
  • Click the Recover button and restore files to a safer location

Hack #4- Use Cloud Storage Services to Recover Data

Many users rely on cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox to create data backup. Over a million users count on Google Drive as per the Statista report 2021. 

Upon witnessing issues to recover data, the procedure is simple and easy to follow. Users can log into their account on their computer and directly recover the files with a simple click. 

However, some prefer to store data byte-to-byte disk images (DMG) using backup software and applications like Carbon Copy Cloner and Acronis True Image. Hence, to recover data from the backup image, you must double-click the located DMG file to open it. Mount it onto your MacBook to get your files. In case, if it’s a non-mountable DMG you can use your data recovery software to do it.

Mac data recovery

Hacks To Restore Data from Dead/Crashed MacBook Pro Hard Drive

You must have read a number of threads on Apple’s Official forums regarding hard drive failure issues by MacBook Pro users. The MacBook has its internal storage to access and save data. Without the stored data on the disk, the device will not function properly. The machine’s CPU and the disk together make the computer operate. They are the two main components of Mac. 

In the recent MacBook versions, the SSDs have minimized the mechanical issues. However, users of previous versions may witness hard disk failure. Hence, you must know the reasons and ways to recover your data if that happens.

Reasons For Mac Disk Failure

Hard disks are likely to fail due to many reasons. The device you are using may even have a Solid State Drive (SSD) or the Hard Disk Drive (HDD). The latest versions of MacBook equipped with SSDs show fewer mechanical problems as they employ an electrical grid to data storage and are faster. 

On the contrary, HDD has fewer moving parts making it less susceptible to problems. Using mechanical means, HDD read and writes data to store on the disk. Hence, the disk parts are prone to get damaged causing interruptions and issues which eventually lead to drive failure. 

Well, if you encounter such an issue are wondering how to recover your lost data get the hard drive recovery software and follow the hacks mentioned below:

Hack #1- Rely on Data Recovery Service

You need to get in touch with a Data recovery expert as there can be complex scenarios which you may not be able to resolve. You can use data recovery software for minor issues. 

In case, if your MacBook Pro’s hard drive has a complex mechanical failure and it’s no longer spinning you will need proper tools and expertise to fix the processor. Here are the important steps to do for getting a professional’s help:

  • Contact the experts and discuss the issue 
  • Remove the drive from your MacBook Pro 
  • Secure it, pack it and ship the drive 
  • Once the data is recovered reattach the drive to your MacBook Pro 

Hack #2- Use Data Recovery Software

With the help of data recovery software, you can rebuild the lost partition and recover files on your MacBook in no time. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Install and launch the Mac data recovery software 
  • Click the Search for lost data button which appears next to the Hard drive your data was stored
  • The data recovery software will fix the necessary issues and analyzes the drive 
  • You can now select your desired files to recover 
  • Click the Recover button 
  • Voila your files are recovered

No matter how powerful your device is you may witness data loss issues. But with the use of the right Mac data recovery software like Jet Data Pro you can get your files restored in no time. So, get the software and add ease to your life.