We’ve received cases from other companies who claim that the data is lost forever and we`ve recovered it. Our unique approach, expertise and technology allow us to recover cases with a better success rate than any other company. If there is a special need to develop the technology to recover the data, we have the ability to do so. If no one did it before, it doesn’t mean it cannot be done!

If the hard drive is making sounds it has never made before, stop your work immediately; keeping it on or force reading it may cause more damage. Call, bring it in or ship it to us. We can still help you recover the data.

Yes, definitely, we can recover data from a hard drive that was formatted, erased and even re-partitioned!

In many cases, we can. We would need to know one of the following: the type of file, the name of the file, and when you accidentally deleted it. 

If the data is critical, we don’t suggest running any utilities on it. We’d rather have you bring the drive in for a professional data recovery engineer to examine it. Be aware – utilities are never guaranteed, and can often cause more harm than good.

Not necessarily. We have recovered data from fire or flood-damaged media in the past. 

We can possibly recover the data in these cases. It will depend on the RAID controller’s functionality and how much data was copied to the array. We have done this before.

We recovered cases where many others including other “world leaders” data recovery providers failed to recover. We have proof of that; we can email that to you, simply call us and request a proof. We do not publish the success rate in order not to mislead our customers due to false claims made by other small data recovery providers. We know that if it’s technically possible, we will recover it. If we can’t recover it, no one can. 


Please visit the shipping & packaging page and follow the instructions there. For any assistance, please call us.


Yes, if the cost is too high you can decide not to pursue the recovery. Please contact us to discuss the flexible payment options we offer.


Usually, the evaluation is done within 8-24 hours and most of the recoveries are done within a day or two. We do offer expedited and 24/7 emergency evaluation and recovery options- please contact us regarding these options.