Rather than throwing our computers away, we want to discuss how we can potentially have our device destroyed. We never want to throw any of our devices away because of the hazardous components that are used to build it as well as the toxins. We don’t want any of that in our landfill, and we want tob e as environmentally safe as possible.

Due to the rare earth metals, precious metals, plastic, and other forms of metal, it can be used for supply purposes, and that is why there is a specific process for electronic recycling. Recycling prevents hazardous waste, and the components are usually reused or resold. Granted, there is much, much less of computers that are recycled, the components are much more dangerous.

Old devices, when recycled, can be used as secondary raw materials. If the devices are not recycled, it, at that point, is considered hazardous household waste. The materials in the devices can be used in future production and can reduce the amount that it costs to build new systems.

The Electronic Device Recycling Research and Development Act distributes grants to institutions, universities, and other industries to research and develop projects to keep in line with recycling.

We are going to touch on a few ways that we can go about having our laptops safely destroyed.

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Environmentally friendly device destruction

Please, properly have you device destroyed to help keep our environment as clean was we can.

Consider donating your computer. There are so many people that may be transitioning to work from home, but their current device may not meet the necessary requirements to work from home. They may not have a device at all, and they have no choice but to transition to work from home. Donations can help those in need.

There are children that are also transitioning to remote classes, and there are even college students that are transitioning to take remote classes. By donating, we can help organizations and schools provide the necessary equipment to those in need.

You can visit this website associated with the Environmental Protection Agency to get an idea of what charities may be in your area as well as donation stations. https://www.epa.gov/recycle/electronics-donation-and-recycling

We have a great article that is included in our blog that also touches on a few ways that you can have your computer destroyed in terms of recycling as well: https://jetdata.pro/3-ways-to-quickly-and-safely-recycle-computers/

When it comes time to purchasing a new computer or refurbished computer from a retailer, they often offer an exchange. What they will do in this instance, is they will take the old computer that you are replacing and dispose of it for you. A lot of the time, you can actually visit their website to get a quote to see what the value of that device may be before you go to the store and consider it being exchanged.

Depending the circumstances, some retailers may offer cash value for the device that you are turning in in terms of a trade-in, or they will just dispose of the device for you to ensure that the device is properly destroyed.

Due to current situations and circumstances in the world, it is not always easy to get where we need to go. Luckily, a lot of companies that offer trade in or an exchange will send a shipping label with your device to send the device you are replacing back.

In these cases, you want to ensure that you have completed erased or wiped your drive to the best of your ability so that you don’t have any lingering data on that computer or laptop. That can put you at risk of so many different things when it comes to your data and personal information. So, remember to back up your device prior to erasing the drive to prevent any data loss.

In the instance that any data is potentially lost, you do have data recovery options available to you. These services can include software and even professional assistance.

Another form of recycling is consumer recycling. Consumer recycling is your basic recycling to ensure that none of the components end up in our landfill once it is destroyed or just throwing it in the trash. Consumer recycling would include a recycling company specific to laptops, computers, and other electronic devices. Consumer recycling would also include donating the device to charitable organizations.

Scrapping is another great method of having your computer or laptop destroyed. When you take a computer or laptop to be scrapped, the devices will be broken down and properly disposed of. Scrapping will take a variety of electronic devices to be disposed of properly, and you can potentially receive a small profit depending on the value of the parts and the labor is not too expensive.

The components of the computer or laptop will properly be shredded, and disposed of when your device is destroyed.

You will most definitely want to ensure that all of your data is removed and the hard drive is wiped to the best of your ability to be certain that nothing happens to any of your data, files, or personal information before the device is destroyed.

Take back is a recycling service that computer manufacturers offer, but it is usually offered at the consumer’s request. The retailer will offer the consumer the option to either request that the device is picked up, or the consumer will have the option to mail it in.

Take back will also ensure that the computer and laptop is properly destroyed in whatever way most benefits the situation. Not all manufacturers offer this option, so you will want to ensure that you do your research or ask the company if it is an option.

If we can all work to properly dispose of our computers, laptops and electronic devices, in general, we can definitely help benefit our environment. We want to prevent the toxins and other components that are used for the general build of the devices to end up in our landfills and back into our environments.