Do you think you can recover deleted files from your computer? Does deleting files on your computer actually delete them? If this bothers you, here is a guide you need to follow.

Whatever you deleted on your computer, whether an image file or a doc file, it’s not permanently deleted. There is a Recycle Bin on your computer, the built-in folder or directory. It stores all the data that you have intentionally or accidentally deleted. It’s like the last resort for your critical data. 

Allowing users to retrieve their files easily, has helped many of them save their files after accidentally dropping them into the folder. However, there are some risks involved with this folder too which you are going to learn about in this guide below: So, read on. 

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Risks Associated With Recycle Bin

With using recycle bin there are many issues that have been recently highlighted. A vast majority of users never happen to clear their Recycle Bin. Secondly, according to a recent study, many administrators use Recycle Bin as an outlet to back up their files and data. These are the two alarming situations that give an easy avenue to intruders and scammers to carry out data theft. It puts your data in the utmost danger of getting lost or copied. 

The Recycle Bin is supposed to hold back the data that users have accidentally deleted to help recover deleted files. It gives a sort of second chance to safeguard the critical files. It’s not a data backup facility. So, be careful with how you use it. 

recover deleted files

How To Recover Deleted Files- Easy Steps

If you have deleted any of your important files by mistake or intentionally, here’s how you can recover them. Go to your Recycle Bin folder

  • Locate your file 
  • Click on the “Recover the file” option 
  • Voila! your file is ready to use

It will appear at the exact location where it was previously saved. 

How to Delete Files For Permanently

Apart from the presence of a Recycle Bin, hard drives have the specifications to always leave room for data recovery. Somewhere the files are kept on hold for some time. If you permanently want to get rid of the files, you need to seek help from a third-party program. With the help of these programs, your drive can stay clean from unwanted files. However, you will not be able to recover deleted files. 

What happens is, when you delete a file your Windows removes the pointers used to keep track on hard drives. Your desktop mark that sector previously containing your files as available. From the file point of view, it’s no longer available, however, the sector having the file is now considered empty but the file is there. The programs overwrite data on the drive- making the old deleted files difficult to retrieve. 

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Why Does The Computer Avoid Deleting Files Permanently?

You may have tried deleting your file but it’s first saved in the Recycle Bin and then in the sectors on your hard drive. Are you wondering why your desktop is so persistent in keeping your file rather than getting rid of it completely? Well, the answer is speed and efficiency. It’s easier to mark the sector as available than actually removing the file. For instance, if you are deleting a 10 GB file it may take several minutes to get completely wiped out rather than merely marking the pointer. 

Your desktop makes sure that your process stays uninterrupted. It does not want to delay the functions you are performing; hence, to speed up the process, it marks the space as available and keeps the file on the drive hidden. Furthermore, if you want to recover deleted files, here’s how to do it. 

The Secret Hack To Recover Deleted Files

If you want to recover deleted files, follow these two easy steps:

Step #1– Perform recovery immediately if you have accidentally deleted your file. 

Step #2– The next step is to use the hard drive as little as you can. For instance, if you have deleted the file, quickly turn off your desktop and take out your drive. Put it into another PC and try to recover the file using the new operating system. You can install file recovery software on the system as well to easily retrieve your data. 

How Recuva Helps Retrieve Deleted Files From An Empty Recycle Bin

Piriform Recuva is one of the top-rated data recovery software. It helps in retrieving deleted photos, videos, music, document and all sorts of data from your desktop or MacBook. The best thing is its functionality to recover data even when the Recycle Bin is empty. It’s easy, simple and seamless to use. 

Recuva is recommended by many renowned professionals for its safe functionality. It installs and downloads the data without inviting malware or viruses. It recovers files without changing or improvising them. Simply read the hard drive and pull out the file you are looking for. 

recover deleted files

Is Recuva Free To Use?

The free version of Recuva comes with a number of perks; however, its professional version has its own benefits. 

If you are new to this or you know you may not need the software again, you can go for the free version. Recuva Professional, the paid version, is available at $19.95. Although you get an unlimited data recovery option on the free version, its paid subscription does has its own perks. 

Recuva Free Vs Porfessional

Recuva Professional offers a higher recovery rate. That means there is a higher chance that you will get your file dug out from the drive if you perform scanning. On the other hand, the chances of the free version are a bit low. 

Recuva Professional offers virtual disk support which the free version does not have. Apart from this, you can even create a new virtual desk with a paid subscription to the program. 

Recuva Professional offers timely updates keeping the software up-update all the time. On the contrary, the free version does not have the facility. 

How To Recover Deleted Files Using Recuva Files Recovery

To get started with Recuva, go to its official site and download its free version. Next is to follow the steps mentioned below: 

Step #1- Launch Recuva

After you launch the program, a wizard is popped in front of you to choose the file type you want to retrieve. You have to select the type first and then the location on the drive. Press ‘Next’ to proceed.

Step #2- The Quick Scan To Recover Deleted Files

The program will begin a quick scan to check all the directories to recover deleted files. It may take several minutes to complete the process. You may get the file you are looking for once the scanning is completed. However, if you do not get it, you will have to carry out a deep scan to pinpoint the exact files from the bunch of docs shortlisted.

Step #3- Advanced Mode

Go to the Advanced mode there you have to select the local disk. Click on the deep scan option before you proceed.

Step #4- Scanning

The Recuva program will take a few more minutes to deeply scan the deleted files. Once the process is completed you can click on Recuva to restore the file. 

On the whole, Recuva offers its two amazing recovery modes- the Wizard mode and Advanced mode. Both of these modes are aimed to provide users with the file they are looking for. The process is fast and extremely efficient. However, there is no guarantee that you will get your desired file.

Wrap Up

If you do not want to get involved in all of these hassles and troubles, it’s always the best option to rely on professionals. Jet Data Pro is one of the finest data recovery service providers that can help retrieve and backup your data in no time. You do not have to stress about a thing, just give them a call and you will be able to retrieve all the data you once have lost. We can help you recover deleted files in no time.