Follow these tips to safely pack a hard disk drive, solid state drive, flash drive, smartphone, or any other digital device.

  1. Put your device in an antistatic bag or ziplock bag and seal it.
  2. Wrap your device with an adequate amount of bubble wrap, about 2-5 inches for most types of devices. (Do not use packing peanuts or other lightweight packing. These tend to shift during shipping and can increase the chance of damage.)
  3. Seal the sides of bubble wrap with strong tape.
  4. Put your device into a sturdy cardboard box and make sure it’s tightly packed. Your media should not be able to move around during shipment.
  5. Securely apply tape to seal the box as well as placing your prepaid overnight shipping label that you received with your service order confirmation on the top of the box.

Ship your package to the following address: 

10207 North Interstate 35 Suite #201

San Antonio Texas, 78233